Wednesday 08th of April 2020    

Where in the world is Sonskip Museum?

Kaart van Suid-AfrikaLocation

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  • It is in Africa / Afrika
    • In South Africa / Suid-Afrika
      • 240 km from/van Bloemfontein
      • 164 km from/van Kimberley
        • In Orania
          • GPS: -29.8168,24.4115

Why Orania?

  • Self reliant community
  • Economical independent
  • Most eco-friendly town in South-Africa
    • highest percentage waste recycling in South Africa
    • permacultre all ready a fact in Orania
    • aim to have the whole town on clean electricity
  • Support the less fortunate in the community

People and Orania

  • President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, 2008
    • "If all communities could orginse themselves like Orania, we will fight poverty."
  • Bridgette MacKay from Eersterus", Pretoria
    • "We definitely learned from the experience and we¬† experienced no racial tension."

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